In 2016, Los Angeles-based ceramicist Eunbi began blurring the line between traditional function and contemporary versatility with her playful and tactile designs. Pulling from her experiences in Korea, Belgium, and L.A., Eunbi’s works are grounded in her sensory recollections of the people, culture, and cities in which she resided. While self-expressive by nature, she is curiously dedicated to inducing an expressed dualism in every piece she creates. In the past 5 years, Eunbi Cho has created a body of work that is steadfastly protean and endlessly unexpected. 
Whimsical and delightfully irreverent, Eunbi’s objects are an invitation to explore and play. They are meant to be experienced by you, forming an instance of connection and discovery. Each piece was inspired from moments with feelings, then thoughtfully spirited into balls of clay to be fired into stoneware works




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